Effective Date:  21.02.2024

If you want to limit behaviourally targeted ads, you can do so by limiting ad tracking options in your device settings. Please note, the process of specifying your preferences is browser and device specific and may take some time for your preferences to take effect.

For ads in mobile apps, you can reset your Ad ID and, depending on your device, choose to opt out of interest-based ads (Android) or turn on the Ad Tracking Limitation setting (iOS).

You can also change your browser settings to limit certain tracking for display adverts on the web. You can do this by visiting sites that do this through cookies:

D-TECH also works with a number of analytics and advertising service partners on our mobile applications, websites and elsewhere online. These partners may use cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies to collect or receive data about you and may claim controller rights over your personal data.

In order for us to provide in-game advertising, we may send your advertising ID and IP address, data obtained from cookies and other similar technologies, and other such information to advertisers (or advertising networks). They can then find relevant adverts for you to display in our games and off-site resources. You can control and restrict our use of your advertising ID using the settings on your device. D-TECH does not control which specific ads are shown in our games (this is controlled by ad networks), but we do block certain categories of ads.

A list of advertising partners and links to their privacy policies

Unity Ads
Provided by Unity.For more information about Unity Ads, please visit their Privacy Policy

Unity Ads Privacy Policy

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